Why Diablo 2 Is Still Considered as A Very Popular Game?

Diablo 2 the Very Popular Game?

diablo 2

Diablo 2 more to come. After the success of its predecessor Diablo (1996) as soon as Diablo 2 was released in 2000, it became a super-hit and was considered among one of the all-time classic games. Now, almost 16 years have passed and even Diablo 3 has already been released. Even in such scenario, Diablo II is still continuing its rule not only among the previous generation, but also within the present generation. And of course, there are several reasons behind the timeless popularity of Diablo 2 in the action role-playing hack and slash video game genre.

Developed by Blizzard North, Diablo 2 was published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2000 and it is compatible to play in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Based on the themes of dark fantasy and horror, its classic gameplay, rich history, D2item system and so on, there are many such reasons behind the popularity of the game till data.


The Storyline of Diablo II


The game is about gaining strength against the evil forces that can guide one’s instinct. But, it is the close interaction of the Prime Evils that makes this game so compelling and different from other action games. Moreover, like the tradition of other Blizzard games, the wonderful cutscenes can facilitate you to take a look at Diablo, Baal and Mephisto and get the chance to fight not only with them, but also with their minions. In addition, there are the additional attractions of the characters, the lore, in-game world that have made this game rule over other games.



D2item System


One of the greatest attractions of Diablo TWO is its wide range of weapons and armor divided in different quality levels including normal, set, magical, unique and rare. All these items are themed on individuals that provide individual bonuses that can be increased when two or more items are used to endow a character. For a set of single playing throughout the game, it is odd to use more than one item. Therefore the D2item collectors are required to play it several items to collect all the items for a set.


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The Music and Atmosphere 


Even after 16 years from its release the music and atmosphere of the game are quite appreciated among the gamers of Diablo2. From the classic collection of Diablo first, the soundtrack is combined with a sequel that is still considered as one of the best classic creations for game’s soundtrack.

Going far away from the technical support, atmosphere of this game has been created with the optimal level of excellence in visuals, music and audio, story as well as gameplay that keep the players captivated in this game. That’s why only few role-playing games can come into comparison with Diablo 2.


Presence of Great Variations


It is still wonder to behold such wide range of classic variations present in a game that was released long ago. From the great variety of Diablo2 classes, Diablo II items and Diablo TWO skills, the game was then expanded to Lord of Destruction in order to give the users the maximum level of gaming experience.


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